stop looking to the sky for your love;
they will not come down on wings
carried by the weight of your dreams.

look instead to the dirty soil
on which feet dance 
and the rocks know your name. 

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let’s take a walk 

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what is love?

please answer or message me cause i need it to write a paper

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you, the little writer. 
not having a blue tag next 
to your piece doesn’t 
mean that you’re a bad
poet or writer. it doesn’t
mean anything. it’s the opinion 
of one but all you need is yours. 

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i need to be in boston and or seattle now 

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cheesy opening lines #1/plottwist

it ended where it all began—earth. 

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  • Anonymouswhat was your senior quote?
  • “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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nostalgic for a life i’ve never lived. 

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God I’m in quicksand
and I can’t swim
I don’t know what to do
even where to begin
I won’t ask why
some things we can’t know
just please point the way
and there I will go

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jokes with my mom

me: mom, what if i got a tattoo?

mom: i’d chop off that part of your body and deep fry it. 

me: like what?!

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questions would be much appreciated

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when there’s nothing going for you,
there’s still yourself. 

as little as you think it is,
it’s more than enough. 

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anyone one of you in sf want to hang out?

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the person you’re looking for
is no where to be found
because it’s usually because they’re
looking around the opposite corner
and they are on the other side of the cross-

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signs you really loved


the hesitation before each kiss
the blind dancing of hands before grasping
the search for eyes across an empty room
the sense of clarity of a clouded mind
the choke before the cry

looking for details out
of a rewritten story

making meaning out of
semi colons in moments
of uncertainty 

it’s over when you it to be
love fades but
never forgotten
even as much as we’d like it to

love is like a tree 
and you planted well
on good soil too.

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