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  • 5 minutes ago
  • AnonymousTell us about your first kiss.
  • it was nothing special, it was afterschool on our one month. being 15 this was a big deal for me. me and my ex were walking around town holding hands. went to starbucks, i ordered a green tea back when i didn’t even like coffee or tea but i had to order it because i needed to seem cool for some reason. but i ordered a venti green tea and we just walked around and it was cold. walked back inside starbucks and we sat holding hands. told her to close her eyes cause i had her gift. then plopped one on her. then she opened her eyes and smiled. we kissed again. 

    looking back, i was lame. now? i’m still pretty lame but that’s my story 

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  • 1 hour ago

melancholy vibes. 
i need someone to roll with me here. 

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the only form of onions i eat are rings and deep fried

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  • 7 hours ago
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and i knew in that moment when i didn’t speak, i found and lost you at the very same moment

sometimes i get speechless
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SF people, where are you at?

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  • 1 day ago


the air outside is cold
but the heater is running
and i can hear your
breathing in the distance

or maybe it’s just the
sound of my engine dying

either way, it’s
still the same 

these drives get lonely
i crave a cigarette but
i’m too broke to afford 
a pack because gas prices
are ridiculous
much like love

sometimes it’s too high
and we complain
and sometimes it’s too 
and we use it up all too fast

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  • 1 day ago
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let distance be the reason
we are but children
though our minds like to differ
we are what we are

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  • 1 day ago
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for what?

because my name is my name

-john proctor

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